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Make yourself the center of attention. With XUMA, you can share multimedia seamlessly across all your favorite networks, meet people who share your interests and passions, and get competitive in the corporate world.

Xuma Social

The XUMA Social Media App is a place where you can express yourself and share your thoughts about whatever you like. Whether it be about something happening in your life or just something that crosses your mind, XUMA is a place where we all come together to have our say.

Xuma Cam

Share any kind of media in one click, from text to videos, photos, GIFs and even live streams. You can also easily add location and time stamps to your posts for a personal touch.

Xuma Video

Stay up to date with live streams of major events or chat with friends on XUMA's private chat rooms. Make new friends by joining a community of XUMA users who share your interests!

One Profile – Access to Everything

Create a personal profile to express who you are and what you care about. Share your life with people who believe in the same things. With a single profile, get instant access to the nexus of XUMA — XUMASOCIAL | XUMAVIDEO | XUMACAM | XUMABUSINESS | XUMAMARKETPLACE

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Xuma Business

Don't have time? Not sure where to start? We have an extensive database that includes jobs from all over the world with multiple industries to choose from. Whether you're looking for a summer internship or a full-time job, we have you covered!

Xuma Marketplace

Meet up with new friends at the XUMAMarketplace where people buy and sell what they need. Create a primary XUMA profile in under a minute, start connecting, and experience the XumaMarketplace.

Business Profile

A highly-personalized social media feed like never before – XUMA Social

The XUMA App tailors your social experience according to your interests. Learning from your activity and your interests in a way, smarter than anything ever experienced before.

Discover constantly what’s happening around you

Watch videos from all over the world, explore live streams and join discussions with the community. Browse trending videos that are popular in your country or region. Get the latest news, watch your favorite TV shows, discover new music and more. XUMA is fully compatible with all devices – no matter if you’re at work, at home, or on the go – you can access XUMA at any given moment!

The revolutionized way of sharing experiences – XUMA Cam

The XumaCam feature in the XUMA App lets your friends be where you are in the moment. We’ve made the experience as realer as ever, with realistic filters, photo-editing, location tagging, one-tap sending, and much more.

How does XUMA work?

XUMA aims to reduce how much time you spend on different social apps by bringing everything together at one place. Create a XUMA profile in less than a minute and enter the world of XUMA – the only social media, video, and business app that combines everything you need – from personal profiles to connecting with people, sharing your life, and chatting with the people you love. All in one place!

Expand your network with XUMA Business

XUMA creates a personal, professional, and social platform. Through our growing database of business professionals, we connect job seekers, interns, and alumni to the professional networks of your preference.

XUMA Marketplace - The next generation eCommerce

The next generation of eCommerce is here – The XUMAMarketplace. Focusing on e-commerce, content management capabilities, and promotion and discount code tools. With a simple and easy-to-use checkout, informative promotions, and advanced e-commerce SEO capabilities, XUMA is the next generation of online shopping.

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